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Other Haw River Films projects and news

Haw River Films brings experience, talent, vision and passion to your project. Our namesake is the Haw River here in central North Carolina.  

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The first Annual Mountain Aid benefit concert was a success.  The concert host is the beloved Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival Farm here in central NC.  Kathy Mattea, Donna the Buffalo, Ben Sollee, and others performed.
We look forward to presenting another. If you or your  organization would like to help please contact us.

Join us September 16 at 730pm for a special screening of Haw River Films first feature project Grassroots Stages at the Pittsboro General Store in Pittsboro North Carolina. This screening is a benefit for the Chatham Arts organization.

Chatham Arts 100 mile sustainable cinema series.

NPR interview WUNC

On April 19 Mountain Top Removal received the second place "Appy" award for best documentary at the Appalachian Film Festival in Huntington West Virginia.

On April 18 2008 Mountain Top Removal won the Reel Current Award at the 2008 Nashville Film Festival. The award was selected and presented by Al Gore.


Nashville Film Festival

Independent Weekly feature article March 19 2008

NPR Interview on The State of Things WUNC March 20 2008

Haw River Films has recently completed a full featured instructional DVD project titled Yoga for Knitters and Sitters.

Visit the Som Yoga Remedies site

Haw River Films has replaced the voice over track in the Mountain Top Removal documentary with the narration of actor William Mapother, "Lost" and "In The Bedroom"

Haw River Films recently traveled to Ljublajna Slovenia for a screening at the International Festival of Mountain Film on Feb 16. www.imffd.com The trip was made possible by a cultural exchange grant from the US Embassy in Ljublajna.

Upon arrival in Ljublajna we learned that US Embassy officials had submitted a request to cancel the previously approved grant for the film screening. Festival officials were able to reinstate the the grant.

Mountain Top Removal was screened in Louisville Ky on Jan 31 presented by the Louisville Film Society. Over two hundred turned out to the Clifton Center theater in Louisville. Thanks to all the film society staff for making this happen. Amazing quantities of quality contemporary art fill the city of Louisville. www.gallerynulu.com

On February 15 Kentuckians for the Commonwealth hosted the I Love Mountains rally in Franfort KY. From, It's getting Hot in Here
On Feb. 14th, members of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, coal field residents, college students, grannies, babies, engineers, doctors, 5th graders and of course Wendell Berry converged at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort, KY to express their support for HB 164 the Stream Saver Bill which would end Mountain Top Removal Mining in Kentucky.
We gathered in the snow for a historic rally, quite likely the largest rally ever against Mountain Top Removal and definitely the largest ever in Frankfort, and shook the windows with the chant, Whose Mountains? Our Mountains! Whose Streams! Our Streams! Whose Future? Our Future!; and were led by brilliant community members, old time music, and the fabulous author Wendell Berry, who called for Direct Action to end coal industry abuse. We've been patient and polite for 40 years, he pointed out. Maybe it's time we realized patient and polite aren't going to work.
After the rally, we lined the hallway that legislators take between sessions, with hundreds of people chanting, singing, holding signs and home-made quilts for the mountains. They had no choice but to read our signs and listen to the 5th Graders. Local 5th grade classes had learned about MTR in class, and forced their parents to let them skip class and lobby. They led the crowd chanting, in their little 5th grade voices, on the floor! They were asking legislators to bring HB 164 the Stream Saver bill out of committee and to a vote.

If 5th graders can do it, so can you!

Mountain Top Removal was selected for a "Yubie" jury award from the 2008 Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival in Nevada City California on Jan 12.
Packed venues for all the films, a wonderful volunteer staff, incredible films, great food, wine and dancing. This was the festivals sixth year and must be the countrys largest Environmental Film Festival.

Mountain Top Removal received the Indie Truth Award for Best Documentary at the 2007 Charlotte Film Festival. The award also included a check from Bank Of America!

The Indie Truth Award was presented on Sept 6 2007

A work in progress screening of Mountain Top Removal received the second place award for best feature (True Grit runner up) at the inaugural Indiegrits Film Festival in Columbia South Carolina. Included with the generous prize money , organic Grits!

Indiegrits Film Festival


Durham North Carolina artist Onur Tukel recently completed a hand drawn movie poster for the Mountain Top Removal documentary

Art in Motion
photograph by Duane Hall

Visit Duane Halls photography site

Haw River Fims has recently completed a one hour dance film titled, Art In Motion. Art In Motion is performed by The Dance Action Painting Company. Director Michael C O'Connell worked with this Italian dance company to film this modern dance performance on location at Siglinda Scarpa's Goathouse Gallery.

Haw River Films has recently completed a 30 sec regional ad spot for the October Shakori Hills Grassroots festival in Silk Hope North Carolina. Filmed at the festival the ad was shot in 16mm.

Grassroots Stages will be screened at this years Merlefest on Saturday night April 29 from 5 to 7pm in the Hayes Auditorium

PBS affiliate WNED in Buffalo NY will air the film July 23 @ 3pm

Nashville PBS will air the film June 17 @ 11pm

Grassroots Stages scheduled for screening at this years Rhythm and Roots festival in Rhode Island (2005)

UNC TV North Carolina's statewide PBS Network has scheduled Grassroots Stages for Broadcast on June 18 at 11:00pm. UNC TV plans to rebroadcast the film prior to this Falls Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fetsival in October.

Charlotte North Carolina PBS station WTVI will air Grassroots Stages June 23 2005 at 11:00 pm.

WMHT of Albany New York will broadcast Grassroots Stages on July 21 @ 10pm. WMHT will also be airing a feature story on their local arts magazine program INSIGHT at 7:30pm and again at 11pm following the broadcast of the Grassroots Stages film. Donna The Buffalo recorded four songs and Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins were interviewed for the segment.

Another PBS affiliate schedules Pledge Broadcast!
PBS affiliate WCNY in Syracuse New York aired Grassroots Stages at 8pm on March 14 2005. The broadcast raised $1700 for this PBS station. Thanks to all the WCNY staff and PBS supporters

PBS affiliate WSKG in Binghamton New York aired Grassroots Stages as a pledge special on Dec 5 2004 at  8 pm.  The pledge event raised over 1500 for WSKG. Thanks to the WSKG staff and crew for airing the film.


Grassroots Stages was filmed with a single camera over the course of three days in July of 2003 at the Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance near Trumansburg New York. 

The DVD contains fifteen Songs by seven different artists. Plus two Bonus Tracks

Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band,
Dr Jim & Buck Bayou

Donna the Buffalo
Positive Friction, Two Feet Tall, Everything Wants to Hurt This Time, Visitor, BONUS TRACK Rocking Horse

John Specker,
Ring of Fire, Rockingham Cindy

Flying Clouds, Old Cotton Field

The Horse Flies
Sally Ann, Three Shoes (At the Bottom of the Sea)

Jennie Stearns Band
Seasons of Dreams, Get around Behind Me

Soroti Boys Song, Kaleba

The aquisition format was the Sony Cinealta 900 HD camera.

Transfers from the 24p HD masters to DV video were used to edit and master the project. 

A HD widescreen version of Grassroots Stages with 5 1 surround sound is planned.

Multitrack masters recorded by Alex Perialis of Pyramid Sound Studios for the Grassroots Festival are used on the DTB songs from the main stage.
10% of sales of the Grassroots Stages DVD at the 2004 festival have been donated to the Finger Lakes Land Trust





Many thanks to all the PBS affiliates who have chosen to air Grassroots Stages. KIXE Northern California, WTIU Indianapolis Indiana, KACV Amarillo Texas, KET Kentucky PBS , WTCI Chattanooga TN, WNMU Marquette Michigan, KMBH Rio Grande Valley Texas, WCVN/WKON Cincinnati OH , WNPT Nashville TN, WKAS Charleston WV, KEDT Corpus Christi TX, UNC-TV North Carolina Public Television , WMHT Albany NY, WSKG Grassroots Stages Premier PBS Broadcast,WCNY,Nashville TN PBS June 17 11pm, UNC TV June 18 11:00 pm statewide in North Carolina. WTVI Charlotte NC June 23 11pm ,WEIU/Channel 51 Charleston Illinois July 9 7pm, WMHT Albany NY July 21 10 pm this broadcast also carried on W42AE NY NY (New York City), KPTS Wichita KS July 23 10 pm, KUFM Missoula MT July 23 11pm, KUSM Bozeman MT July 23 11pm WNED Buffalo NY July 23, 3pm. WPBS Watertown NY & Eastern Ontario July 24 2pm, KUAT University of Arizona Ch19 July 28 8pm & July 30 5pm, KRSC Tulsa Oklahoma Aug 10 9pm & Aug 12 9pm, WUSF Tampa Florida Aug 13 2 am, KET 1 Kentucky PBS statewide Aug 17 at 10pm WKNO Memphis TN Thurs Aug 25 9pm, KCSM San Francisco Oakland Ca! Aug 26 9 pm & Aug 28 2 am, WXEL West Palm Beach Florida Aug 28 1 pm, Statewide on Maryland Public Television Friday Sept 9 11pm, WTCI Chattanooga TN September 26 11pm, KPTS Wichita KS September 29 1 am KAWB/KAWE Minneapolis St Paul MN Sunday October 2 11:30pm & Thurs October 6 1:00am, Wens October 26 WYBE Philadelphia 4am, Friday October 28 WYBE Philadelphia Friday,WTIU Indianapolis IN Saturday November 26 11pm New Years Broadcast South Carolina ETV, Statewide on South Carolina PBS Dec 31 at 3 am Just added three broadcasts in New York City WNYE Weds December 21 5am & 11am plus Friday December 23 12pm UNC TV (Statewide in North Carolina) April 13 10pm, KUEN Salt Lake City Utah April 16 9pm. WNYE New York City Tues April 25 12pm, WNYE Tues April 25 11pm, WNYE April 26 5am WMHT Albany New York & W42AE New York City Wed March 8 2006 10pm, rebroadcast on WMHT & W42AE Sun March 19 12:30 am, KCSM San Francisco Oakland San Jose CA March 17 2am, WTCI Chattanooga TN April 2 12am KUEN Salt Lake City Utah Aug 22 Statewide on South Carolina PBS Saturday Aug 26 4am KCPT Kansas City MO Sun Aug 27 4pm WYBE Philadelphia PA Sept 10 11pm WYBE Philadelphia PA Sept 16 3amWYBE Philadelphia PA Sept 29 8pmWYBEPhiladelphia PA  Oct 2  2am KCSM San Francisco Oakland  WLAE New Orleans   Saturday Oct 28 9pm WLAE new Orleans   Mon Oct 30 1am WNYE New York New York Tues Nov 14 11am, Statewide on KET Kentucky PBS includes Evansville Illinois January 14 2007 3am WNED Buffalo New York/Thinkbright TV  January 29, 2007 at 12:30 AM.

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