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Bimblebox world premier !

Byron Bay International Film Festival

March 2-11 2012

Nominated for Best Environmental Documentary
Bimblebox scheduled for three screenings at the Byron Bay Film Festival

Bimblebox selected for Environmental Film Festival Melbourne Sept 9 through 12 2012


Environmental Film Festival Melbourne

Visit the Bimblebox Documentary web site for current screenings and news updates.

Byron Bay Film Festival

Festival Internacional de Cine de la Antártica sobre Medioambiente y Sustentabilidad Punta Arenas

Woodford Folk Festival

Crossroads festival for Documentary Film and Discourse Graz Austria June 6 2013

Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival Palmerston New Zealand June 14 through 23 2013

Bimblebox screening at Big Green Week Bristol UK June 21 2013

To Save and Preserve Film Festival Khanty-Mansiysk Siberia June 3 through 8 2013

Haw River Films is proud to support Screenzone TV Australia's first Independent pay per view on line documentary site. Watch here with no ads and support Australia's Independent filmmakers.

Bimblebox worldwide distributer OPTL has licensed the film to French Television broadcaster Ushuaia TV. Broadcasts begin January of 2013.

Bimblebox streaming on line on via Beamafilm another awesome Independent film site in Australia that can use your support.


Haw River Films new feature documentary film.

The Bimblebox Nature Refuge lies in the path of what will be the earths largest coal mines. One woman, Paola Cassoni, decides to resist the "China First" project that will destroy her Nature Refuge and supply energy to Asia for the next thirty years. Paola's decision brings the  viewer on a tour of Australia's "Quarry Vision".


Visit the Bimblebox Nature Refuge web page

What an incredible response.

Through Kickstarter we've raised over ten thousand dollars! Exceeding our goal of seven thousand five hundred dollars.  We look forward to updating you on the films progress.


The Bimblebox Nature refuge and the issues it represents are getting more media attention in Australia and in the US.

Clive Palmer says Bimblebox doc and environmental movement in Australia are funded by the CIA. Link includes audio from Mr Palmers press conference.

New York Times, Andy Revkin piece about Bimblebox

NYT Green Blog coverage about Bimblebox

Jeff Biggers Alternet Blog on Bimblebox

Newcastle Heralds coverage of the first Australian Bimblebox shoot.